Brass Ranch Ski Shop, Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley, Idaho has been the center of the ski celebrity universe ever since Ernest Hemingway finished his masterwork }or Whom the Bell Tolls in room 206 of the Sun Valley Lodge in 1939. Since then, this iconic American ski town has been a magnet for some of the most glamorous people on the planet. Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Warren Buffett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Zuckerberg, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, and Bill Gates are just some of the glitterati who have stayed and played in Sun Valley over the years. If celebrity-spotting is indeed something you enjoy doing on your ski holidays, your best chance to cross paths with your favorite star or captain of industry is not on the slopes, it’s in Sun Valley’s flagship ski shop, the Brass Ranch. Whether you’re in the Brass Ranch Sun Valley Village location or at the magnificent River Run Plaza shop outfitting yourself inArc’teryx, Sportalm, Alp-n-Rock, Dale of Norway, Moncier, Bogner, Frauenschuh, Toni Sailer, Parajumpers, Rossignol, KJUS, or Fusalp, you never know who might be in the next dressing room trying on ski wear! “We pride ourselves in discretion at our store, because we realize everyone comes to Sun Valley for vacations, to go skiing, and to have fun and we respect their privacy. But you never know who’s behind those goggles when they walk into the store,” says Katie Tyo, Brass Ranch Supervisor.

Brass Ranch Sun ValleyWhile celebrity spotting is a fun pastime, the real draw to the Brass Ranch for shoppers is the incredible service from its knowledgeable staff and the shop’s massive collection of high­end European ski wear. The River Run building itself is a vision of alpine elegance and grandeur, a gigantic log structure decked out with rough-hewn wood beams. Shoppers luxuriate in front of the spectacular walk-in, rock fireplace as they search for that “must-have” piece while getting the inside scoop about the best places to go from the staff. “What stands out most to me about our store is the vibe. It’s a really great place to shop. Whether you’re here to buy new skis or a new jacket, it’s a beautiful environment where there’s always laughter in the air, and people having fun while they’re shopping,” adds Brass Ranch Manager Judi Verge.







Brass Ranch in Sun Valley is one of our favorite stores with the largest collection of European and American ski and sportswear in Idaho.  Featuring brands like Arc‘teryx, Bogner, Canada Goose, Eider, JetSet, Kjus, Moncler, Ralph Lauren, Rossignol, Toni Sailer and more.  Brass Ranch is located at 1 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353
Phone:(208) 622-2021