Portillo is the premier ski destination in the Southern Hemisphere. It is well known for its unique in-bounds terrain with runs like Roca Jack, the Lake Run and the High Traverse.

Heli Skiing – Portillo, Chile is a great way to explore the surrounding terrain. Heli-skiing in Portillo offers guests an opportunity to go out for the day or even for just a few runs. They price it by the run, so you can ski as much as your legs can handle. Some people start their day by a few runs of heli skiing and then have the helicopter drop them at Portillo’s famous on mountain lunch spot, Tio Bob’s. Others decide to spend the day out in the field heli skiing till late afternoon. The quality of the skiing is comparable to anything that you would find in Alaska or Canada, promising long powder filled runs at different levels of difficulty. Sign up at the front desk and on a first come, first serve basis  and Frank Coffey and his team will show you a day to remember.