Rossignol Hero Ski Product Review 2019 2020 with Christin Cooper and Mark Tache

Mark Tache and Christin Cooper joined the SNOW Ski Test to try the Rossignol Hero Ski. Mark Tache is from Aspen, Colorado and Bozeman, Montana. He is a lifelong skier and was on the national team for eight years and on 3 world championship teams. He was also a pro skier for seven more years. Christin Cooper is an Olympic medalist from 1984 where she won the silver medal in Giant Slalom and was triple medalist in the World Championships. She had a great career and skied on Rossignol her entire career and still skis on Rossignol today by choice.

“This is the Rossignol hero ski, there’s a whole bunch in the line and today we are testing my favorite Rossignol Hero Ski at 68 under the foot, it fits my style what I prefer to do when I ski weather skiing perfect corduroy or the “choc” down Highlands bowl or some of the steep runs here on Aspen Mountain. It does everything really well this ski is a blend and it’s just it’s like soft and damp but very lively. I just love that it allows you to make a nice quick turn but it’s very forgiving. It also makes an unbelievable giant solemn turn too. It’s super diverse, it even skis powder nice. Unless it’s really deep powder. The magic for me is to find one ski that I can do pretty much everything on. It’s beautiful in the bumps, I can feel like I can ski exactly the way I want to, light and lively and fast or slow. It really is the perfect ski!”