Blizzard Firebird HRC Ski Product Review 2019 2020 Jonathan Ballou Aspen Snowmass

Jonathan Ballou is testing the Blizzard Firebird HRC Ski today, he is the Managing Director of the ski and snowboard schools of Aspen Snowmass. He is also a member of the elite PSIA Demonstration Team which is made up of the top ski and snowboard instructors from across the country.

Jonathan is a longtime ambassador for Blizzard Skis and one of the most knowledgeable people on the Blizzard Ski Equipment. In this video, he talks about the characteristics and performance of this ski It is 126 in the tip 76 underfoot and 107 in the tail. It has one sheet of metal so it is light. Carbon fiber is inlaid to keep the ski stiff. It has a second layer of carbon fiber to give you power. “If you are an aggressive front-side skier, this is the ski for you, ” says Ballou.

The new Blizzard Firebird HRC is the latest addition to the Firebird line. The same fasten-your-seatbelt power and rock and roll attitude of the WRC and SRC, now in a multi-radius sidecut that loves short and long radius, high speed turns. The perfect ski to charge the mountain anyway you want.

It is great in short turns, long turns, it holds well on all terrain and snow conditions. Being 76 underfoot makes the Blizzard Firebird HRC ski amazing in bumps and crud.