[textmarker color=”AA0D0D”]S[/textmarker]KILOGIK has hands down one of the best ski artwork collections of top designs we have ever seen. This award winning custom ski manufacturer features handcrafted works of art created on each pair of skis they create. By using wood veneer and other natural materials without coloring or printing, each pair offers a style of artistry that is unmatched in ski making. In this post we are showcasing some very cool limited editions that are music or rock band themed. Oh, and did we mention they rip!
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One Pair At A Time

[blockquote style=”2″]SKILOGIK makes each pair together at the same time, so the left and right skis in your pair are identical twins, providing identical performance.[/blockquote]

Each pair is crafted from the best materials from around the world without regard to costs.

Unique in ski making, SKILOGIK takes as much time as necessary to realize design goals for each pair. The result is a ski that stands the test of time, starting out with extraordinary edge hold and maintaining that peak performance several times as long as mass produced skis.

Technology ahead of the curve

[blockquote style=”2″]Our innovative technology provides precise turn initiation, a full edge length carve, and a silky smooth transition. [/blockquote]

Through the testing of hundreds of materials from around the world, SKILOGIK has developed optimal construction combinations for various skier profiles. Each award winning construction is based on SKILOGIK’s Vektor 8™ and Black Locust innovations which maximize torsional rigidity without stifling the natural liveliness of wood. Skiers benefit from increased edge hold, improved carving, and smoother transitions.

David Mazzarella

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