Insider Tips Skiing the Arlberg

Pepi Strobl shares Insider Tips Skiing the Arlberg. Pepi Strobl was on the Austrian Ski Team and won multiple World Cup Ski Races. He is an Olympian from Holzgau which is now connected to the Arlberg region. For many years Holzgau was disconnected from the rest of the ski world, but now it is connected to the world famous Arlberg Skiing Region and has made it the biggest interconnected ski region in Austria.

The Arlberg Region not only offers some of the best skiing in the world, but some of the best chalets, hotels, and on mountain dining in the world. Apres ski is un paralleled and legendary. From Lech to Zurs, St. Anton to St. Christoph, and now to the other side of the valley.

Here from Pepi what makes it so special and what not to miss.