True Mountain Style from Austria

Mountain Style from Austria

Mountains, mountains everywhere and not a thing to wear? We have the answer, mein Schatzi. There’s no better source for stunning skiwear than the cradle of skiing itself. The snowy, sexy Austrian Alps are all about beautiful people in the ultimate mountain playground. And knowing how to dress for the fun is all part of it.

The flair is all there with Sportalm. Celebrating the Kitzbühel way of life, this perennially stylish designer has been making women look fabulous on the slopes and off since 1975. Using innovative fabrics and traditional techniques, pieces feature fur- and suede-trim, elegant texturing and, this season, exciting prints set against classic cool palettes.

Mountain Style from Austria - Sportalm
Mountain Style from Austria - Sportalm
Mountain Style from Austria - Sportalm

This winter’s collection includes extravagant snake prints and cool neon colors, reserved tones combined with poppy pink — playful fashion contrasting glamour and function in gorgeous little packages. Every Sportalm garment is exclusively manufactured in Europe, mixing their local Tirolean heritage origins with chic modern freshness.

Kitzbühel is home to yet another fabulous and functional luxury ski clothing line, Frauenschuh. Known for its use of highest quality precious leather, cashmere, fur, wool and high-tech fibers, Frauenschuh produces sporty ski jackets, ski pants and accessories, as well as walking fashions that take chic men, women and children from the cobbled snow-lined streets of Kitzbühel to the romantic canals of Venice and beyond.

Mountain Style from Austria - Frauenschuh
Mountain Style from Austria - Frauenschuh

From timeless deerskin trousers to tailored cashmere jackets, these pieces are made with love and attention to detail only in Austria, Germany and Italy. And don’t forget the bobble hats hand-knitted by the folks at Frauenschuh on the side, “When there is time.”

And special mention must be made of a further favorite. Despite having corporate roots in Germany, one alpine fashion star has hooked its star and passion to the illustrious life of a most iconic Austrian.

Mountain Style from Austria - Toni SailerSki racer, film star and role model: Toni Sailer. At age 20, the Kitzbühel native won all three gold medals in alpine skiing at the 1956 Winter Olympics “Blitz from Kitz” and never looked back, earning seven world championships and 170 victories. After a glittering ski career, he went on to make 18 record albums, appear in films, and for 20 years was chief of Race for the illustrious Hahnenkamm race, the most dangerous downhill in the world, a descent he knew well indeed.

Since its beginnings, this ubiquitous skiwear line quickly established an international name for craftsmanship and technical excellence, a luxurious fashion statement for all time. With Toni Sailer, a real life icon of alpine living as spiritual mentor, this brand elevates skiwear to art form…. Who wouldn’t want to own a little a piece of that?

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