Dear Readers, sorry to say, Aspen’s celebrity sightings last infusion of Celebrity Goodness™ is a thing of the past, and we’re back to the usual post-Christmas fare of people who are famous merely for being famous, and barely even that.

Bethenny FrankelThis week’s slim pickings so far, have been led by Bethenny Frankel, a RHONY for those of you familiar with such acronyms and also dubbed, a ‘snow bunny’ by the Daily Mail’s – remarkably, the first use of this tired old cliché this season.

Here she is, being skinny and shamelessly plugging her Skinnygirl brand of cocktails for the paps at the Gondola Plaza. Just in case you, or they, wondered who she was.

Later she was snapped taking selfies with a RHOH, Kyle Richards. Bear with me. It stands for Real Housewives of … Yes They are “housewives”, at least the Bravo TV version of housewives.

Kyle’s from the Hollywood edition. And she too is visiting Aspen. I know, I know, nobody cares!

Although even the little minxes at the Mail couldn’t resist a bit of cold weather punnery and a dig at the improbably youthful Ms. Richards, saying: “She’s enjoying a cold winter’s break in Aspen, Colorado. And Kyle Richards appears to have been frozen in time, as she looked more like her daughter Sophia’s sister than her mother.”

But, like I say, nobody cares!

Finally to add to the roster of the Rich and Pointless, we have Nicky Hilton and her Rothschild husband. At least she’s rocking the Topshop animal print coat thing. And “A pair of dark skinnies which bared a hole in one knee encased the blonde beauty’s slender limbs.”   Weird and slightly creepy but definitely a B+ for effort on the old creative writing front.

Would it be too much to ask for a bit more A-list talent at New Year?

Skinny pickings indeed…