Crossover Ski Fashion

I donned my new Goldwin suit yesterday for my second day of Aspen Mountain ski school training. It is black, elegant, and understated with a fur hood and jaccard print. I met up with my group and to my surprise, Ryan Smalls had upstaged me in the crossover ski fashion department. He is an ex-US team member and his wife Anda, also in the group, is an ex Slovenian National Team member. They are hard to keep up with when it comes to skiing, but seriously, in the fashion dept I should always be top seed, right? I’m the snow fashionista; I live for great skiwear!
Ryan was not only super “stylie” , but he was wearing a brand I didn’t even know. It is called First Lite and it is in the ASAT line. That’s All Season All Terrain to you layman! This was its first debut on the slopes of Aspen and Mr. Smalls was making a serious fashion statement. I always like fashion/gear that transitions well to après. In Ryan’s case he can decide to go clash with the new animal hide furniture in the Little Nell’s new Chair 9 bar, or go out elk hunting, without having to change his look.

First Lite has another interesting ski connection, the owner Kenton Carruth is from Sun Valley and married to Danielle Crist, sister to super pro skiers Reggie and Zach Crist. Check them out at and see if this isn’t the perfect gear for that multi-tasker in your life.