Majestic Heli Ski

There is a 1.3-million-acre slice of skier heaven up in Alaska that you need to know about! Majestic Heli Ski sits up in the famed Chugach Range of Alaska, beckoning skiers in search of the trip of a lifetime. Two helicopters, one snowcat, one charming and comfortable lodge, and more skiable acres than every resort in the contiguous United States is on-tap at Majestic Heli—making it the type of place skiers fantasize about.

Skiing with Majestic Heli Ski
No need to practice your mogul skiing before visiting Majestic…



There has been a heli-skiing boom in recent years in Alaska with operations popping up at old outposts, gas stations, and fishing ports. Most access incredible skiing, but the rest of the experience is quintessentially Alaskan, rough, rugged, and challenging. Enter Majestic, run by professional guide and pilot Njord Rota. Rota’s setup at Majestic is all about skiing, but you don’t have to sacrifice the finer things when you spend a week at Majestic.

“We’re an all-inclusive experience,” says Njord Rota. “Everything from the unlimited ski runs and delicious meals to the avalanche backpacks with airbags is taken care of at Majestic.”





Majestic Heli Ski
This is what it’s all about: accessing Alaskan powder via helicopter!




From low-angle powder runs to the type of terrain that will scare charging skiers, the skiing accessed in Majestic’s massive zone (1.3-million acres) has more than enough for everyone. The ski season lasts from February through May at Majestic Heli Ski. The later months when most people are thinking about golf or fishing boast some of the best conditions of the entire season; so, a trip to AK in late April is the perfect way to extend the ski season. And, with two helicopters and one snowcat, you’re rarely going to get shut down due to weather that prevents helicopters from flying—a common occurrence at most heli-skiing operations.








If 4,000-foot runs of untracked Alaskan powder, an all-inclusive lodge, and a top-notch staff sound like the trip you’ve been dreaming about, check out Majestic Heli Ski!

Majestic Heli Ski Lodge
Call this lodge home during your week with Majestic.