It’s day one wearing my new ski catsuit from Sportalm. It is beyond glamorous. It’s a “onsie” with an Aspen tree motif. I’ve already been heckled by Matt Ross as I was walking to the gondola where I was asked if I was actually going to ski in this suit. No, I’m just getting an early start on Apres, I told him.  Of course I’m going to ski in this suit!

I have discovered a few things that I didn’t notice when I first fell in love with the suit at our SNOW Fashion NYC event. First of all, layering is nearly impossible unless I lose 10 pounds, secondly, there are no pockets to speak of. I managed to fit my pass in my upper breast pocket, but then I had to figure out where to put my phone and my eyeglasses so I can see my phone. I finally settled on stashing them inside my bra!

I accessorized my outfit as only a graduate of John Martinez’ fashion camp could and was feeling pretty good. I understand that sometimes you have to suffer to look good and I’m not interested in being big skiing blob. But ultimately this particular outfit with its lack of pockets led me to realize that I was still missing something. I needed a big tall handsome accessory with Big and Deep Pockets so I could look fabulous in my catsuit!

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