Black Crows Captis + Camox

The Black Crows Captis is an excellent ski for the strong intermediate skier who spends most of his time on the frontside of the mountain but dips off into the ungroomed terrain on occasion. This nimble and versatile ski uses rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot to deliver quick turn initiation, easy turn exit, and a highly maneuverable feeling. The 90mm waist makes fantastic carves and provides the stability when the slopes get cruddy or you need to pound a couple of laps through the bumps. The Captis has a Poplar Wood Core and Semi-Cap Construction that feels energetic and exciting to ski.

The camox is a great all-around ski thanks to a tip and tail which are efficient on soft snow and a solid flex underfoot which gives good grip on hardpack. Plenty of people agree that a ski around 100 mm in the waist makes the best choice for an all-rounder, and lots of companies make a great one. Black Crows, however, stacks the deck with at least 3 – the Black Crows Camox Skis being