TrueEnergy Socks Product Review

Wearable technology has become more than a “trend”. TrueEnergy socks have taken high tech to another level. TrueEnergy socks are powered by infrared NASA technology designed to enhance health and wellness by improving circulation and speeding up tissue regeneration and accelerate recover.

Here is how it works:

When you wear the socks the technology combines with your body’s natural heat and it forms infrared energy which improves circulation and speeds up healing and tissue regeneration.

I’ve been using the Over the Calf and Lo-Cut socks for the last month. You can feel the benefits of the compression immediately in both models. I skied in the Over the Calf model. They are thin and feel great. It even felt warmer, maybe it is the heat technology improving my circulation? The socks also have wicking properties and keep your feet warm and dry. They also have an anti-odor effect so they don’t get stinky! I’m just starting to go out running in my Lo-Cut socks and I can feel the difference running from the compression and it has just the right amount of cushion. I’m turning into a bit of a princess, I have to make sure these socks are not in the wash when I’m headed out for a run because I need all the help I can get!

TrueEnergy Socks for Running
TrueEnergy Socks for Running

The science behind TrueEnergy socks evolved from NASA research designed to help astronauts to maintain normal metabolic function while in space. Red light, along with infrared light, stimulates energy production within cells, providing enough fuel to boost tissue regeneration and accelerate the healing process. TrueEnergy uniquely applies this research by taking infrared nanoparticles and blending them into the socks’ yarn. When combined with the body’s natural heat, TrueEnergy socks redirect your own natural, recycled energy back into the body which improves circulation, stimulates cell recovery, and provides pain relief, such as:

Sprains and Strains: Loosens tight joints caused by swelling; Improves oxygenation to the affected area
Arthritis, Tendonitis, and Neuropathy: Relieves pain; Enhances mobility; Improves flexibility
Soft Tissue Damage: Stimulates cellular recovery
Increased Circulation: Maximizes blood flow; Improves oxygen; Delivers more nutrients; Reduces in lactic acid
Improved Healing: Enhances the body’s natural healing process; Allows the athlete to return to the action faster; No side effects
Muscle Spasms: Relaxes tight muscles; Reduces contractions
Here are some additional features of the socks:

Arch band keeps sock in place and provides added support in the arch. Graduated compression minimizes swelling, improves blood circulation and reduces lactic acid and fatigue. Anti-odor moisture control transports moisture away from the skin to the sock’s outer surface keeping feet comfortable and dry. Reinforced heel and toe for wear and durability. Anatomically designed with seamless toe for a better fit and added comfort. Comfort welt top provides comfort and prevents slippageLightweight, natural breathability and softness to provide comfort for everyday wear.