Your local Aspen Celebrity Correspondent (little Nellie) was dismayed to read last week that there are record numbers of commercial flights coming into Aspen this Christmas, making it hard for private aircraft to find landing slots. It is clearly the case that all these tiresome planes, spewing ordinary people in their ghastly Columbia skiwear, are preventing the arrival of gloriously outfitted celebrity vacationers flying private. What else could explain the current drought of beautiful people?

Thank goodness for Kate, Mariah and Heidi, our favorite locals, who, along with their families, are still soldiering on in Aspen’s celebrity trenches, popping out to Gucci, Cartier and cozying up at the Pine Creek Cookhouse. These ladies should be awarded the Freedom of Aspen for providing excellent ad copy for our humble little mountain town – not to mention services to retail.

Mariah showed the rest of the celebrity world how it should be done, by instagramming herself doing the ‘Egg Nog in your underwear’ thing, but happily got dressed in time to drink champagne at Louis Vuitton.

Her new beau Bryan is here in Aspen. Her old one, in highly inferior Beaver Creek. You take your pick, I know who I’d be roasting on an open fire!

Meanwhile, Heidi attempted to go undercover at Cartier (fail) And dropped her kids for some skiing, while wearing some nice comfy pants, that look like my Old Navy ones but are apparently; “…by London-based ready-to-wear label Chinti and Parker and are impossible to not love. They are woven out of ultra soft wool taken from a rare breed of goat.” That would be cashmere to you and me – how nice of the elves at the Mail to explain!

Her ex-husband, Seal, was caught kissing his girlfriend who we thought was his ex-girlfriend, but isn’t.   There are great photos, but better yet, here’s the Mail’s description of their PDA. We thought it was just a man kissing a woman at a bus stop, but apparently:

“He was seen kissing her on the lips, with his arm wrapped around her neck to bring her closer. The gravel-voiced British musician then embraced the beauty before continuing to stroll the snow-licked streets together.” 


Kudos to Kate, for going to L’il Boogies, in camouflage, as she ‘rocks’ a massive fur hat, which the Mail refers to – in a searing piece of reportage as: “a spread fit for a carnival game prizes display. ”

Pssst – Melanie’s coming for New Year!!!   Can’t wait!