Readers, your local Celebrity Correspondent is depressed. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, yet Aspen’s streets might as well be those of Akron, Ohio. Well, assuming they have Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and all that in Akron, Ohio. Honestly though, the only excitement in downtown Aspen yesterday was the presence of several cute reindeer, accompanied by a very authentic-looking jolly old elf, wearing tinted glasses. And on the same street corner, a couple of very despondent members of the paparazzi, standing next to the aforementioned reindeer, brightening every time a Range Rover with tinted windows rolled past, only to descend into misery when it didn’t contain anyone famous. Just some regular, boring rich person. Sigh.

Thank goodness for our old friends, the Russell-Hawn-Hudson-Bellamys, plus girlfriends and sundry other people (we lose track of the family’s absence or presence of marital status, but admire their blendedness). Just a day or two ago Mr. and Mrs. Russell, accompanied by their daughter Kate, popped down to the High Street and did a bit of shopping. And, um, that’s it.

Aspen’s economy is certainly grateful – some of those shops hadn’t seen a customer in 12 months, we suspect. The Mail did their best to glam-up he family.

According to their top-notch reporters, Kate “rocked” both a fur-trimmed coat, and later “rocked” a $1,600 Stella McCartney embroidered bag, while Kurt “rocked a woolly Aztec-print jacket” but you can tell us they’re wearing “the height of wintry chic”   all you like. Frankly, you could have papped me doing my Christmas shopping at Target in Glenwood yesterday, “rocking” my Mossimo sweater, and it would have been more glamorous and exciting.

Hurry up, beautiful people, where are you?