You know the line, “Everything Old is New Again”. To pay tribute to the past at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, Namesake Norwegian Olympic Ski Champion Stein Eriksen and his son Bjorn Eriksen have put together a vintage package all made with modern technology. They call it the “Legenday Throwback Package” and it comes with a pair of RAMP Woopecker Skis, a custom Marius Eriksen Patterned Hat (Marius is the brother of Stein – this is one talented family), Bamboo Soul Poles, and LTD Optics Goggles. Each item has an image of Stein in his classic ski pose. Skiers are sometimes called “posers”. but no one can do it with the style and elegance of Stein. Stein can be directly credited as one of the people who made skiing a stylish and glamorous sport. If you are staying at the Lodge, the “Legendary Throwback Package” can be added to your room reservation. Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley The ski world is a small one and at the end of the day we are all connected by our love of the mountains and the sport, so SNOW is always excited to hear about Brands with Heart. This year the Stein Eriksen Endowment Fund raised $600,000 for student athletes in the Park City/Deer Valley Community and they aren’t done yet, their goal is a cool $2Million. The Stein Eriksen Executive Chef  Zane Holmquist hosts The Taste of The Wasatch every year to fight children’s hunger in Utah.  The Lodge and local philanthropists get a chance to do something great for the community while dining on creative dishes such as Burbon Coke Pulled Pork and Chicken Schnitzel with Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Shakes for desert to showcase local Bourbon Distillery High West. Inhonor of Stein Eriksen, we are doing an “Legendary Throwback Package” with custom designed items from local companies. Stein and Bjorn Eriksen worked with our design team to vintage items with modern technology. Our package will include RAMP Woodpecker Skis, Custom Marius Eriksen Pattern Hats, Soul Poles, and LTD Optics Goggles. Each Item is branded with a silhouette of Stein’s signature style, as well as a signature logo. These items can be purchased through a room package, added on to any reservation, or at Stein Eriksen Sport. Each item has a vintage feel but it loaded with the latest ski tech to make them as functional as they are fun to look at. Pictures available In addition, I’m not sure if you know much about the history of the lodge, but it is named after famed Norwegian Olympic skier Stein Eriksen. He won a silver and gold in the in the 1952 Olympics, then shortly after came to the US. When he arrived to the US he was quickly brought to fame, and it is said the he was skiing’s “first superstar” and the “godfather of skiing.” He was ski director at several prominent ski resorts and was the face of many international product campaigns. He then came here to Utah and fell in love with Park City and became director of skiing at Deer Valley Resort and decided to open our beautiful lodge in Deer Valley. We are doing quite a bit of philanthropic work within the community that we are really excited about. Our biggest endeavor this year is the Stein Eriksen Endowment Fund through the YSA(Youth Sports Alliance) which is a scholarship fund for student athletes in our community. The fund has a $2,000,000 goal; they raised $600,000 the first weekend! We are also proud sponsors of the National Ability Center, hosting the Red White and Snow event annually. Our Chef Zane Holmquist hosts The Taste of The Wasatch every year to fight children’s hunger in Utah, which is an amazing event that the community really gets behind. We are also proud sponsors of The Sundance Institute, Kimball Art Center, Utah Symphony, as well as many other local charities. Zane also have some really great dishes on the menu this year as well as a great pumpkin Pie Bourbon shake. The Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Shake features High West bourbon and local products, it’s really delicious! I’ve attached pictures of all of the dishes, and then we could provide, shots of chef and recipes for all the dishes. The Lodge has also undertaken a multi-million dollar renovation for the guest rooms. We have consulted interior designers to help update the room’s furniture, décor and bathrooms that began in April. The renovations have been taking place all summer and will culminate before ski season. Our management takes great pride in taking the time to pick the appropriate décor for a modern, yet classic Norwegian ski lodge feel and it really shows. Pictures available