Heli Ski the Northern Caucasus Russia

Ready for a change of pace from heli skiing in Canada and Alaska? Then it’s time to heli ski in the Northern Caucasus.  Heliaction has a few bases in the Caucasus where you can heli ski, tour cultural sites, spa and stay in top hotel properties. Imagine ripping fresh lines all day and then changing your world by touring  XVIII century stone vaults in “The City of Death” . Then tour an ancient Alanian Monastery and relax after your big day by sitting in the Hamman.

Northern Caucasus Heli SkiNorthern Caucasus Heli Ski









Heliaction has another heli ski base in Arkhyz, a ski resort village. The ski area is more than 1100 square km of trail with great snow and climate influenced by the proximity of the Black sea. After heli-skiing here you have additional opportunities to discover the rich history of the region visiting Byzantine temples from the 10th century, ruins of the ancient Alanian Empire and visit the astrophysical observatory with the biggest telescope in Europe. Don’t worry that your day will be all heli skiing and touring cultural sites, they have a spa and a Hamman here too.

Northern Caucasus Heli SkiNorthern Caucasus Heli Ski










Photos Courtesy of Heliaction


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