Ski Portillo on your Skier Bucket List

If you identify yourself as a skier or a snowboarder, then Ski Portillo is Skier Bucket List item number 1. It is also a bucket list item that will keep you from ticking off other bucket list items because once you come, you will have to come every year for the rest of your life.

Why put Ski Portillo on the bucket list? Isn’t summertime to wear a bikini or board shorts and go to the beach? Sure, for most of the summer, that is a great idea, but when August rolls around and the humidity is 80% and temperatures go over 100 degrees, it is time to put on your ski boots and head to Ski Portillo Chile.

Ski Portillo Hotel reflections in Laguna del Inca with snow-capped peaks surrounding.


Here are Ten Reasons why you have to put Ski Portillo on your bucket list:


  1. The ski season in North America is too short, so every real skier needs to experience skiing in the Southern Hemisphere and go summer skiing.
  2. You’ve seen photos of the iconic yellow hotel in ski magazines and online your whole life, it is time to know what it is really all about.
  3. One in every three supermodels are from South America, so life in and around the hotel is very scenic.
  4. Best view from the hot tub anywhere in the world is overlooking the Laguna del Inca Lake and the Tres Hermanos Mountains. The sunsets are magnificent and the rich colors warm your soul.
  5. Best on-mountain lunch and party anywhere in the ski world is Tio Bob’s. Try the fresh salads, delicious barbecue meats, and fresh salmon. The views and great music will make it hard to concentrate on the conversation.
  6. Riding the Va-et-Vient. The Roca Jack and the Condor lifts are pomas that fly you up the hill at top speed standing 5 abreast.
  7. Watch the best skiers in the world train for the World Cup season and the Olympics. Often you can catch the US Ski Team and the Austrian Ski Team training in Portillo.
  8. You can ski till 5 pm each day, often still in the sun.
  9. You can ski long off-piste runs that are like heli skiing all the way down to a beautiful blue lake, the Laguna del Inca.
  10. You can heli ski right out of the hotel, do a flyby of Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, ski super long and scenic powder run and get dropped at Tio Bob’s for lunch and make everyone jealous.