Ski Portillo – Dining

When you go to Ski Portillo and enjoy dining there is one person that you must get to know. It is Juan Beiza the “Jefe” of the Dining Room. If you like fine dining at a nice table, make sure you go to meet him right when you arrive and introduce yourself. Think of your favorite Italian restaurant in NY and the person you have to get to know to get a table. Juan is that person and he makes sure you are taken care of 4 times a day for 7 days.

Guests of Hotel at Ski Portillo are dining 4 times a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and dinner. The chef is Rafael Figueroa and he has been making delicious food in Portillo for many generations. He takes what is special about local foods, fresh foods in Chile and puts his own special twist on it. Guests are presented a menu nightly to select from a choice of fish, meat, or a vegetarian meal. There is always a list of much-loved dishes that are always available to request.

Beyond the great food, the Ski Portillo dining room in Portillo is great entertainment. You will watch some of the most famous skiers and most glamours socialites pass right by your table.