Moment Skis The PB&J series just look cool. A mix of alien code like lines and oil paint brush strokes with a very pleasing color palate. The neon teal accents on the edges really make the design pop. Did we mention the are made of Aspen tree’s? Best skis 2016 – graphics.     –

We’ve never heard anyone say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t make it better.” We added semi-cap construction to make our definition-defying, park-friendly, all-mountain mid-fat a whole grip tougher than before. How are you going to feel the toughness? That depends on how belligerent you get after you and the PB&J have been sitting at apres and it starts talking trash.

About Moment Skis
When you ask us what makes Moment different from other brands, we’re never sure where to start. You may have seen our skis in a magazine, stacked up against other brands in an annual review, or maybe you just watched a YouTube segment with some grainy, homemade park footage. Depending on what you’ve read, heard, or seen, you might think we’re a big corporation with a huge factory somewhere in China (or was it Colorado? Croatia?), or maybe you think we’re just a couple of dudes running a garage operation in Tahoe.