Best Kid’s Ski Gear – Surefoot Boots

The best money you will spend on your kids!

If you want to have a happy child, start with their feet. You would think that after teaching skiing for multiple decades, that I would have gotten this point. But it was the beginning of last season and I rented my child some boots for the year. We made it halfway down the first run and he was not a happy camper. He whined his way down the run, finally managing to make it to the bottom, we tried to trade his boots in for another model, but they didn’t have anything else in his size.

I haven’t yet determined if we need to head back into Surefoot to start this season, but regardless, my son and I can now ski together happily!

Best kids ski gear Surefoot
Micah happy

Luckily, Surefoot was right across the street; we walked in and started looking at the wall of boots. Ski boots are NOT a fashion accessory. Don’t get me wrong, style and looks would weigh into our decision, but the right fit is the most important. The boot fitter helping us started by scanning my son’s feet. The scan provides accurate measurements of the length and width of the feet. This information, along with a conversation about my son’s ski background allowed the boot fitter to choose the boot that would be most appropriate for him. Next he “shell sized” my son, this is when you pull the liner out and put your foot into just the shell. The boot fitter opened the shell so my son could put his foot in with his toes touching the front.

He had just two fingers of space behind his heel, it was a perfect fit. This is critical to do with kids in order to get a good fit. Often they end up in boots that are way too big and it makes skiing that much harder and less fun. About 10 minutes later, a decision was made, the Dalbellos were a perfect match. The fact they were mean and green was a bonus, green was the color of choice for us this season I knew we were doing the right thing by getting new boots, but I also know that his feet grow like weeds and I was computing how much this was going to cost when I was told that Surefoot has a program called “Growing Pains”.

Best Kids Ski Gear Surefoot
Barb & Micah – Micah happy

He told me that Surefoot has a commitment to the next generation of skiers and racers and the program allows parents to keep their kids in high quality, properly fitting ski boots without having to mortgage the house. Here’s the deal: If within two years of the date of purchase of a pair of kids ski boots, the buyer outgrows the first pair of ski boots (in size), they can return the ski boots for a 50% credit towards the purchase of a new pair of kids ski boots. In addition, any child still in their growing years can purchase a Surefoot Insoles along with ski boots and if they outgrow the Surefoot Insoles they can get a new one with a purchase of a ski boot at no charge. Surefoot offers a wide range of kids ski boots from Lange, Tecnica, and Nordica.   And as I experienced, the kids ski boot fitting process is the same as for any customer.

I haven’t yet determined if we need to head back into Surefoot to start this season, but regardless, my son and I can now ski together happily!


So here’s my Mastercard Commercial for Surefoot:

New ski outfit for Johnny: $450…All day ski instructor: $750….All day lift ticket: $120….Having your child not whine all day about their feet-Priceless!