Since the sixties, Bottega Veneta’s intricate leatherwork has been a global superstar, thanks in part to its much-admired intrecciato, that gorgeous signature braiding. Bottega Veneta has long nurtured connections with the wider arts and now its new boutique in Aspen, opening December, opens further creative doors. In an inaugural partnership with the Aspen Museum of Art, Bottega Veneta is supporting a vibrant John Chamberlain exhibition, “The Tighter They’re Wound, The Harder They Unravel”, curated by Swiss artist Urs Fischer and in partnership with the Dia Art Foundation. Chamberlain is best known for his work with discarded automobile parts, elevating Abstract Expressionism into a third dimension. Running until April 2024, this is the first comprehensive exhibition of Chamberlain’s work in more than a decade.