Affirmation of Life Heli Ski Trip – CMH Galena – Carol Nichols

Many people take their health for granted. Carol Nichols is not one of those people. She has been battling cancer for the last year and she is not taking it lying down. This vibrant, energetic, dynamic and talented woman decided not to put off taking a heli ski trip – CMH Galena with her friend Andrea Mancuso Webber and her daughter Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso just because she was fighting cancer. Heli skiing CMH Galena was the dream trip of a lifetime, and to go with Andrea and Julia made it even that much better.

Carol racked up some serious vertical on this trip skiing perfect powder with an energy that was intoxicating. Still dealing with the effects and sickness from the Chemotherapy, Carol was a true inspiration. See her in action in this video. Thanks to Go Pro for the great footage of Carol skiing.