It’s a Vuarnet Day – Best Sunglasses 2017

Vuarnet Sunglasses are back. It’s a Vuarnet Day dates back to the 1984 Olympics when Vuarnet was a sponsor and seems to mean, it is not only is it a perfect day, but that Vuarnet makes everything look better. This iconic eyewear brand is back on the scene in a big way. It is the must-have accessory of the day. Everyone who is anyone is wearing them, from French actor Vincent Cassel to Daniel Craig in the latest Bond film. Their high-quality lenses and great styling are great on men and women alike and they work as well on the top of Mt. Everest as they do on the beaches of Rio. We love the glacier glasses. they protect your eyes from wind and sun and are a true fashion statement. They come in a variety of colors.

Named after French Olympic Gold Medal Ski Racer Jean Vuarnet from the Portes du Soleil in France, he was also the skier who invented the downhill tuck position for skiing in an aerodynamic position. Now ski racers around the world perfect their “tuck” position to ski like the wind.

Hear from US CEO Lucio Lozza why this brand is so special.