Kitzbühel Austria is one of our favorite towns anywhere in the world. Heres a top 5 list of why we love it in the summer.

kitzbuel outdoors

1. The Outdoors.

The Kitzbühel Austria region  proves to be a paradise for long walks, adventurous Mountain bike trips and also Canyoning and Rafting-Tours. With a total length of over 500 kilometres, the network extends to managed trails and mountain routes, a total of 90 various tours of different duration and varying difficulty are available to explore through lush meadows and green forests. “Water rats” can also enjoy themselves in the Kitzbühel Alps with their own gear! Sail down the canyons in crystal clear mountain water and overcome cliffs, waterfalls and cascades! The Kitzbühel region has endless opportunities for everyone, even for high flyers!

2. The shopping.

Chic and sportif, nothing says style like trendy Tirol. From Sportalm’s couture designed to travel from powdery piste to cobbled street, to Frauenschuh which began as a tiny tannery in Kitzbuhel to grow into an international women’s fashion brand, the boutiques of Kitz are their own kind of alpine attraction. Don’t miss the lovely Trachten Couture Eder for traditional chic and exquisite accessories.

3. The charm.

Stroll the atmospheric cobbled pedestrian village. From the imposing gate of its medieval wall to the 14th century High Gothic church with striking spire, Kitzbuehel’s fairytale atmosphere ranks among the most perfect in European skidom.

4. The beauty.

Smack in the midst of the splendid Kitzbuheler Alps, this picturesque range of pastures and snowy peaks forms the ideal setting for a winter wonderland retreat.

5. The culture.

For a fascinating tour through Tirolean history and the arts, visit the excellent Museum Kitzbühel. The sympathetically renovated museum travels 1000 years back in time through to the modern winter sports era, as well as featuring an important permanent exhibition of the magnificent Tirolean painter Alfons Walde. And we can’t possibly talk about Kitzbuhel culture without including a slice of the famous apple strudel at Praxmair, a café und kuchen institution.