Spyder Ski Wear Product Testing 2017

SNOW Magazine hosts an annual ski test on Aspen Mountain. This year over 15 testers took to the slopes to try the best skis for 2017 – 2018. Georgie Bremner is the ski school manager at Buttermilk and was one of our ski testers. She also did some ski wear product testing by ripping on the groomers and in the bumps. It’s important to stay warm and dry on the slopes, but you also want to look your best. Top skiers need clothing that will flex and move with them, especially when the conditions get tough. Spyder ski wear is a sponsor or the US Ski Team and those athletes are always putting their gear to the test.

Georgie is decked out in Spyder ski wear with the Hera Jacket and the Ruby Pant. She loved the fit and loved how it moved with her and allowed for totally flexibility in a race course, getting air, in the bumps, and carving on the groomers.