Ski Portillo Kids Top 10 Activities

Micah’s List for Kids in Portillo¬†

Micah Sanders Silva is a Ski Portillo kids veteran. At 9 years old, it is his 9th time in Portillo. Here he is sharing Ski Portillo Top 10 kids activities. If anyone knows what is special to do beyond skiing in Portillo, it’s Micah. Check out all the cool activities for kids that make it a family must.

Portillo is one of the best places in the world for kids activities. Beyond skiing all day and exploring the mountain, the hotel itself is a world-class playground. The bottom floor of the hotel includes a game room that offers Foos Ball, Pool, Air Hockey, and has a climbing wall. Right next door is a full-court basketball court that doubles as the indoor soccer court. Further down the hall is the disco which has parties for kids and a kids disco.

Next, you have the pool and hot tub. Kids love jumping in the snow and then jumping back in the pool. Longtime Portillo guest Micah Sanders-Silva can talk forever about what’s so much fun to do in the game room. The best part is it stays open late, often till 11 pm at night. Since many people start their ski day a bit later in Portillo, one or two late nights won’t impact your ski time. In fact, you can still till 5 pm in Portillo, something that is not very common for resorts in North America. There is basically a one to one ratio of kids to staff, so your kids are always well looked after as well.

Video Production by Amanda Puga | Ski Clothing by Helly Hansen