LAN Airlines’ endless winter contest featuring Vail, Portillo, Wagner skis, and Helly Hansen.

Winter is too short, don’t you think? Celebrating gravity on snow in February as well as in August is as good as it gets… yes? If this is true for you, enter LAN Airlines’ new Peak Seasons contest. The grand prize: A week in Vail. A week in Chile. Round trip Business Class airfare to Santiago, Chile and to Denver, Colorado. Two sets of Wagner custom-made skis, plus all the Helly Hansen gear you’ll need to ski the peak of the season on both sides of the equator.

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Winter 2015: Vail, Colorado With 31 lifts and more than 5,000 acres of skiable terrain, this mammoth ski resort located in the Rocky Mountains is akin to Colorado Kool-Aid—it’s sweet and accessible to all. Indeed, at Vail, it’s truly difficult to ski the same blue-squared run twice. But Vail’s x-rated moguls are prolific, too. Better yet, its back bowls are expansive and terrific: China Bowl, Siberia Bowl, Sun Up Bowl, Sun Down Bowl… legendary. And then there’s the weather. Think of Vail as that sparkly, blonde high school cheerleader with the razzle-dazzle white teeth and a winning personality. The sun beats brightly on Vail an average of 300 days per year—that’s a lot of blue sky lighting up its bright white slopes. And yes, at Vail there are a lot of white teeth and sunshiney smiles, especially in the clubs, bars, and lift lines.

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Summer 2015: Portillo, Chile Follow a week in winter at Vail with a week in summer skiing Portillo. Situated two hours into the Chilean Andes from Santiago, the closest major city, Portillo skiers love to lodge at Hotel Portillo—a happy place high up in the Andes with a hypnotic view of Laguna del Inca (Lake of the Incas) and a sea of snowcapped mountains. Spend your days skiing the Garganta (translation: throat), or the sun-softened pistes of Juncalillo and the Plateau — the part of Portillo that catches brilliant afternoon rays. (Note: 80 percent of Portillo’s ski days are sunny.) Plus, Portillo’s ski terrain is so treeless and vast, you’ll need a fisheye lens to capture it on camera. When your ski day is done, head inside for tea—a daily event that’s Portillo’s own civilized form of après-ski—followed by a siesta, a late dinner, a flick in the hotel cinema, then… what else? Dancing ‘til 3 inside Portillo’s psychedelic disco.

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Helly Hansen Skiwear Few skiwear brands carry as much cachet as Helly Hansen, a Scandinavian ski and sailing company with roots entrenched in Old Norse mythology. “The gods told us, not to conquer nature, but to embrace it,” says Helly Hansen, “to keep on working smarter, fighting harder and running faster.” To keep us skiing longer, HH has developed 2015’s new H2Flow™ temperature regulation system, which marries PrimaLoft® insulation with an advanced ventilation design so athletes can keep on skiing regardless of weather. Also new: Helly Hansen has expanded its resort collection for dedicated skiers with the brand new Supreme Jacket and W Silver Queen Jacket, along with a number of new and innovative ski designs for side country and on-piste adventures.

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Wagner Custom Skis Built to suit your style, Wagner Custom Skis are gaining traction on the world’s ski slopes. Known for rock-hard wood cores, heat-treated metals, and aerospace resins and fibers, Wagner skis are like no other. But then, that’s the point! These custom skis are uniquely made to suit a skier’s individual style and no two are exactly alike. “High performance skis from large factories may be good, but they’re not perfect for you,” says Wagner. “Wagner Custom skis are designed for your weight, strength, agility, aggressiveness, body type, boot size, preferred terrain, and goals.” Plus, you participate in your own ski’s design—it’s all part of the Wagner experience.