Aspen Style

Alpine living in high style by a woman who should know, Aerin Lauder guides us through a celebration of the glamour, the evolution, and the enduring romantic wilderness of our beloved mountain town. A beauty-charged volume of everything we love about Aspen, from the sophisticated interiors to the great outdoors.

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The Alps 1900, A Portrait in Color

Pioneering ladies in long dresses gaze upon fearsome glaciers and one long ski pole did all the steering you needed. Revisit the days when alpinists were considered loonies and skiers were a curiosity in this gorgeous 600-page visual feast. Charm, history, and trail blazing in the first printing of 10,000 numbered copies

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To Heaven’s Heights 

A bedside treasure perfect for dipping into again and again, here’s an eclectic collection of ski stories from more than 60 authors – from Leni Riefenstahl to Ian Fleming and Bill Bryson. Spanning 1,000 years, it romps from skiing as transport, to hunting and exploring, and ultimately as the pleasure pursuit we know and love. Proceeds from the book go to Snow Camp, a charity that gives inner-city children the opportunity to experience the mountains.

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