Top 5 Alaska Heli Skiing Myths

Top 5 Alaska Heli Skiing Myths? Tordrillo Mountain Lodge took a good look at some common myths about Alaska heli skiing, that just are not true. Click the link at the bottom of this post to view all 5.

Myth Number 1: In Alaska you have to jump out of the helicopter to start skiing.

Top 5 Alaska Heli Skiing MythsContrary to popular belief, the helicopter will make a secure landing. This allows you to get out of the helicopter calmly, where you wait for the heli to lift off and fly away. Most of the time the helicopter will be using an LZ (Landing Zone) that they have used many times before. Hollywood and James Bond have their own versions of what heli skiing is really about but we can assure you that you will not be jumping out of the helicopter at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and your landings will safe and effortless.


Myth Number 2: You may be chased down the run by Moose or Bears while skiing.

Top 5 Alaska Heli Skiing MythsThough you are very likely to see Moose and Bears while in Alaska, the Moose and Bears will not to be found trying to steal your first tracks or eat you for a pre dinner snack. Your guides are always looking out for wildlife from the heli and will often point them out to you as you fly over them. They are mostly found in the lower elevations and viewing them from the heli is really the best vantage point. When you get to the lodge make sure to ask Lodge Manager Bret Gilleland about her “close encounters of the bear kind”.

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