Toni Sailer Ski Fashion Collection 2016 – 2017

SNOW host Amie Engerbretson traveled to Denver to the Ritz Carlton to get a look at the Toni Sailer Ski Fashion Collection 2016 – 2017. Toni Sailer was a legend in the world of sport and of skiing. He dominated the sport for many years and he was always elegant. His charming personality was the inspiration for Toni Sailer skiwear.

Amie met with US Brand representative Henri Patty and sales representative Alexis Rice to see what they have in store for this season. They are focused on Fashion, Fit, and Function. They ooze elegance and their women’s looks are form fitting with rich jewel tones, and a mix of fabrics and materials. Quality, performance, and elegance are the key points.

The men’s line brings a level of sophistication to the ski world, so you can look good and ski well. They mix leather with four way stretch and it is all waterproof.

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