There are 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and there are 12 days of Christmas. Leave it to Park City and the Montage Hotel Deer Valley to come up with the 12 Wonders of Park City. And, as inquiring minds want to know, what pray tell are these 12 Wonders??

Well, the first summer wonder is adventure, next comes art, bounty (food and wine), drives, healing, music, nightlife, romance, shopping, trails, and water. Each wonder is given a special focus this summer each week at the Montage Hotel. You can pick your week based on your passions, but the best part is that every day, all summer, you can experience all 12. Start your day zip lining or hot air ballooning for adventure, then stroll Main Street to take in the art scene. Bounty is everywhere: the Montage Hotel has a multitude of gourmet dining options from casual to intimate, and the list of top Park City restaurants is long and varied. Next you can take a scenic drive around the Park City area taking in the history that has made this mining town, that first struck it rich in the 1860’s, what it is today. Hike local trails, kayak, canoe, water ski, and fly fish on local rivers and reservoirs. Or just relax and kick back by the pool.

Montage Hotel Deer ValleyNow that you’ve put in a full day, it’s time to make a spa appointment to refresh, revive, and heal. Before the focus shifts to romance, music, and nightlife, carve out a little time for the worthy pursuit of shopping!

So many options, not enough hours in the day. This is only a small taste of what’s in store this summer at the Montage Hotel Deer Valley. You don’t even have to leave the hotel to take an archery lesson, play bocce ball, croquet, swim, bike, play disk golf, etc. The best part is that you can finish off the day sitting under the stars chatting to their “Constellation Concierge” and learning about the stars while eating s’mores by the firepit! Yes, they’ve thought of everything!