Hotel Jerome Aspen, a century-long tenure as Aspen’s go-to spot.

The history of Aspen is intricately woven into that of its iconic hotel, the Hotel Jerome Aspen. Both are made from the same cloth. When miners were toiling in the mountains during the Silver Boom of the late 1800s, those same miners were saddled up at the Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar. When the WWII heroes of the 10th Mountain Division, training at Camp Hale high above Aspen, were given leave, they spent nights in the confines of the Hotel Jerome. When Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson wanted a respite from his writing he mosied into the Jerome for a whiskey… neat.

hotel-jerome-aspen-lobbyHomespun miners that put Aspen on the map, war heroes who changed the course of history, writers with a penchant for the truth, Hollywood’s elite on holiday, and dignitaries and politicians have all graced the Hotel Jerome throughout its century-long tenure as Aspen’s go-to spot. Why? It’s always been the spot that Aspen’s locals love. The visitors and tourists flock to the historic hotel because it’s where Aspenites—the people who make Aspen so special—hang out.

Today, it’s no different. The scene at the Jerome, while it retains the history and character that we all cherish, is a modern hotspot for Aspen’s locals. And, the recently redesigned Living Room is at the epicenter of the Aspen scene. Plush couches encircle a welcoming fireplace. Top-shelf cocktails are shaken and stirred. Art and knickknacks hang on the walls. All of these things combine to create an inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of the rooms we all cherish (or long for) in our own homes. Hence, the Living Room is Aspen’s gathering place.

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