We’ve all been there before. Even the world’s toughest athletes return home run down after epic adventures. You hit Alaska or Chamonix for a week of skiing with friends. You’re at altitude, going hard, hiking in the backcountry or heliskiing by day, and throwing back perhaps one too many beers in the hot tub at night. You’re jet lagged and out of your routine, indulging in fondues and skimping on sleep and any type of recovery. By week’s end, energy’s wavering, and on the flight home your immune system finally tanks.

Since the mists of time, cultures around the world have worked to achieve optimal health through food. Seemingly indefatigable pros like freeskier Angel Collinson and pro snowboarder Travis Rice aren’t superhuman. They swear by wild-harvested supplements from HANAH to keep them mentally sharp and physically strong when they’re out of their routines.

HANAH One with Amy David _ Photo cred Jeremy Lato

HANAH is working to preserve ancient traditions with partners in Kerala, India, and in the Kingdom of Bhutan while adapting them as modern remedies. The company has around a half-dozen products crafted from odd-sounding botanicals like Oroxylum and Holostemma, and adaptogens such as Ashwagandha. Founder Joel Einhorn spent over three years working with an Ayurvedic practitioner in India to develop the recipe for the company’s signature product, HANAH ONE. Thirty herbs are combined with ghee made from the milk of Kerala’s native Vechur cow and honey sourced from local tribes. It all gets cooked into a paste in traditional Ayurvedic vessels in local villages.

“Jimmy Chin credits a daily dose of HANAH ONE for keeping up his stamina throughout the intense filming schedule of Free Solo.”

I decided to see for myself if the products lived up to the hype and started taking ONE, Turmeric+, a blend of black pepper and turmeric harvested by a women’s collective in Bhutan, and Shilajit+, a supplement derived from decomposed Himalayan plant matter. ONE has a pungent medicinal smell but mixed into coffee or spread on avocado toast, it was easy to integrate into my breakfast routine. And travel-friendly ONE Go-Packs were my secret weapon on the road. After two weeks I felt less inflammation after big workouts and had more mental clarity and energy, even when I didn’t get the best night’s sleep. Turns out the antidote to modern life’s physical stressors really is rooted in centuries-old knowledge.

Words Jen Murphy

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