Portillo Secrets – The Big Picture

Pro skier Amie Engerbretson on what she loves about the Ski Portillo Experience.

The variety of skiing on the advanced level ranges from skiing steep exposed slopes to couloirs that you can only access by hiking. This is contrasted by the skiing on perfectly groomed cruising runs.

You can decide how you feel each day and see if you want to “go big” and push the envelope or if you want to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast and go out skiing later and meet friends for slopeside dining at Tio Bob’s. Tio Bob’s is one of the best on mountain lunch spots in the world and it overlooks Laguna del Inca. On sunny days you can sit outside and soak up the rays, and on stormy days you can sit inside and warm up by the fire.

Finish your day with a run or two in the race course or synchro skiing with friends and then head to the pool before afternoon tea.