High Life Goals

Made in select batches of 3000 and bottled in beautiful blue-green recycled glass from Milan, Italy, High Goal Luxury Gin flavors sing of juniper, cardamom, and coriander with ingredients from across America’s Southeast, including Meyer lemons from Florida and fresh mint from Kentucky.
“As I traveled the world for polo, I really got to see and understand the gin culture in England. People that don’t drink gin really like drinking this one,” Nie Roldan explains. Roldan is the best-ranked polo player in the US and among the top 15 in the world and is a man with a new venture. Together with spirits enthusiast and entrepreneur Matti Christian Anttila and business partner Diego Urrutia, High Goal

Luxury Gin is destined for the finest apres-ski invites of the season.
The name is an homage to Ni e’s polo play at the highest level. “1 am a fourth-generation polo player,” he says. “My father was born in Argentina, and I grew up in the United States. 1 began riding when I was two and a half years old. Polo families give their kids the stick early on, so in the Argentine tradition, 1 had a polo stick in my hand before I could walk and was hitting every ball I could. I became professional when I was 15.”
“I work for Mark and Melissa Ganzi who own the Polo Club in Aspen. They are passionate about the sport and they consistently have a team at Snow Polo in Aspen. They play at the highest level, so wherever they go, I go-and we travel with 150

“We Travel with 150 horses, Kind of Like a Formula 1 Team”
horses. We are kind of like a Formula 1 team. We come to Aspen for two and a half months to complete. The Ganis built this Polo Club five years ago and started a league which begins on the Fourth of July weekend and goes through September.”
“Polo is a very social sport and I think a lot of people love that about it. The Snow Polo takes place mid­-December at Wagner Park in Aspen. It’s not like competing on the grass, it’s a lot faster, more intense, and the quality of the horses is better. We play three to four days of polo and have events every night, whether dinner or a party. On the off-days we ski, some days I can get a couple of runs in the morning before the game, which I love. I’d never seen snow until 10 years ago when I came skiing for my first time in Aspen.”
“Recently, I have skied in St. Moritz and Kitzbtihel, which is a scary mountain to ski because it’s so steep. I like to go fast.