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By The Snow Biz Edit Team

The CP Camurai Carbon Visor Ski Helmet. Every now and then, while window shopping in ski towns or riding the chairlift, we see something new, a product that will take over in due course, a piece that skiers will be frothing about as soon as they learn about it or see it. The Visor Ski Helmet by CP fits that mold!

Lightweight and durable, the carbon ski helmet is safe (that is the point of donning this headpiece after all). Safety is top-of-mind with skiers, and the CP helmet is a great choice to minimize risk while skiing. In addition to the protection, the Carbon CP Visor Ski Helmet is elegant— difficult feat for headwear to lay claim to. With sleek lines and innovative designs, the CP Ski Visor Helmet is a fashion-forward example of form and function finding a middle ground.

Travel to the Alps or Dolomites or Tyrol and you’ll find the visor helmets are en vogue on-piste in Europe. It’s only a matter of time until stateside skiers start sporting the visor helmets slopeside. While looking like Iceman or Goose from “Top Gun,” the visor makes ski goggles obsolete. The streamlined design of helmet and visor makes for an integrated system that skiers love. There are different shades of the visor to pair with conditions. Pristine blue skies and bright light? Use a darker lens to prevent squinting. Grey conditions and snow flurries? Pick a rose-colored lens to aid with the visibility. Plus, the large visor adds much more peripheral vision than goggles and is large enough to accommodate skiers who wear glasses.

As of now, Aspen’s own Stefan Kaelin Ski, Golf, & Fashion is the only distributor in the United States carrying the Carbon CP Visor Ski Helmet. Step into Stefan Kaelin’s new store in Aspen or visit Stefan Kaeline’s website for more information on this SNOW Mag Lust-Have!