Last week I was in NYC for the US Ski Team Ball and to see the “100 days to Sochi” ¬†festivities with the US Olympic Team. A ski slope in Times Square competed for top honors with NY’s big skyscrapers. Top athletes such as Alex Schlopy were doing a Slopestyle demonstrations. The festivities ended with a concert by Gavin DeGraw who was introduced by Olympic Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. I’m convinced the crowd thought she was just another tall blond supermodel rather than one of the best skiers of all time.
I went on to a charity event put on by Bode Miller to raise money for an organization he supports. He was there with his gorgeous 6 foot tall wife Megan who is a pro beach volleyball player. Next thing I knew, I was writing my name down on one of the silent auction forms for a one day swim clinic with Ryan Lochte! The scheduled date was on my son’s birthday and, star swimmer that he is, I couldn’t pass it up. I got a call later to find out I “won”. Micah is thrilled and it’s for a good cause, right?
The next night the US Ski Team Ball was held in the American Natural History Museum. Its impressive entry way is dominated by 20 ft tall dinosaur skeletons where guests got a chance to mingle with the athletes.
The party was held in a large ballroom where a 50 foot long Blue Whale was suspended from above. Don’t trust my measurements cause men have led me astray in this department for years, but it was HUGE!
Alpine, Snowboard, Freestyle, Nordic, and Para Olympians were introduced to the crowd and videos of past Olympic wins played in the background. What a treat to see and meet the best in the world and also to watch their progress and maturation.
On the Alpine side, Bode, Lindsey, and Julia are now the “old guys” on the team and I stood in awe thinking about the roads they have traveled coming back from catastrophic injury to personal loss and how worldly and wise they all are for their years.
Seth Westcott and Lindsey Jacobellis represented the snowboarders; both are leaders in their sports. 2 Time Gold Medalist Seth Westcott is also coming back from injury and has been quite outspoken about the Russian Anti Gay laws. Lindsey is on her way to achieving her dreams and making a difference in the world.
There were many athletes that I didn’t know, but it was inspiring to hear them speak “up close and personal” in front of this highly passionate audience of donors and fans. I’m thrilled that these athletes will be heroes and role models for my son.
On a totally superficial note, what is the deal with all these world class athletes looking like they can take work away from poor supermodels? There is something really sexy about athletes that push the physical boundaries of speed, riding the line between control and risk, and then make jaw dropping entrances when they dress up.
Sochi is just around the corner follow and support these amazing athletes as they pursue their dreams.