My grand home from home is Château Mont-Sainte-Anne.

Château Mont-Sainte-Anne — penthouse, condo or studio accompanied by in-house spa, pool and chic bistro whose chef Frédéric Delsaut triumphs with a fresh Nordic-inspired menu. (Bistro Nordik is also member of the Table aux Saveurs du Terroir and Quebec’s Gourmet Route, two clubs worth belonging to.)

The chic, contemporary accommodations are beautifully renovated, with airy mezzanine design, fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, washer-dryer, dining area for the gang, and enough flat screen TVs, bathrooms and space to ensure privacy and relaxation for all.


Stepping from the door and sliding straight onto the well-groomed hills of Mont-Sainte-Anne, I’m treated to a feast of the senses. More than 70 trails wind and loop across three sides of the mountain and sparkling on-slope vistas extend south to the mighty St Lawrence River and north as far as the Laurentians.

Le Massif is rightly revered, eastern diamond that she is, for being slammed with regular doses of luscious light powder

Location, location, location: just a few miles away, a further two ski areas tempt. At Le Massif, the river seems to run right through it – or at least that’s how it feels as the frothy St Lawrence appears to race beneath my ski tips. More delights follow: Le Massif is rightly revered, eastern diamond that she is, for being slammed with regular doses of luscious light powder. Who knew? And after a day on the slopes, I take an apres-ski stroll through the nearby village of Baie-Saint-Paul, a funky artists’ haven of galleries, cafés and unblemished Quebecois architecture.

The next day I’ll save for Stoneham, whose ski days stretch long into the night. This one of the largest night skiing resorts on the continent and warming up in their renowned hot tubs is part of the culture of pleasure that the region is known for.

Exotic, yet so familiar

The Château is just a half hour from Québec City, a UNESCO walled treasure that delivers European flair alongside romantic cafés, cobbled lanes and exciting events. In a land of pretty possibilities, there are many “les musts”. The world famous Winter Carnival is one, taking place this year from January 27 through February 12, a celebration of all things sparkly. Add a little Gallic gastronomy, et voila… a ski getaway that’s stylish, sexy and so very simple, too.

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