Aspen Synchro Skiing Championships

Photo courtesy of Harvey Mogenson

By Carolina Vivo

In March of 2017 Aspen hosted the International Ski Federation’s first World Cup Finals held outside of Europe since 1997. During the event, the top 25 male and female racers competed in the final event of the season. Spectators e from the five continents to watch and take part. The excitement of the World Cup finals is over, and yet Aspen Mountain will host another entertaining event that will take place before the season is over.

Every beginning of April since 2003, the Aspen slope called North American becomes the venue for the Aspen World Synchro Championship. This year, fourteen teams formed by professional skiers from all over the globe will come to Aspen to show their technique, skills and creativity in this fun competition like no other in the ski world.

Synchronized skiing has been popular for a long time in Europe, though in America is earning more followers and participants year after year. Skiing, being such an individual sport, it’s pretty awesome to watch and feel the energy that is shared among the members of the teams. Each one is composed of eight or six members, with its own uniform and skis. At the comp they can be seen skiing in unison, drawing turns of different sizes resulting in beautiful, ever-changing formations. All of this will happen at the compass of the music and the cheers of the crowd.

Training day for all teams is April 7th. The bumps technique demonstration and the race at the NASTAR will be held on the 8th, while all the synchro passes will take place on April 9th, the day that can’t be missed. On Sunday, the competition will be wrapped up with the award ceremony at the Limelight hotel.

Photo courtesy of Harvey Mogenson

Definitely, the best and only spot to watch the teams perform is Bonnies, the iconic restaurant that rests at the base of the comp hill. While people enjoy the show, they can taste the homemade meals in this cozy and famous family business. The must-try here is the unbeatable apple strudel, served with warm whipped cream.

The Aspen Divas, who have been the organizing hosts of this competition event for the past several years, are formed by three teams of all women: Aspen Team Diva, Diva-Ettes and Diva Lution. Aspen Divas are sponsored by Elan skis and the Limelight Hotel, as well as Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard School. The other participating teams are Argenteam, Argenteam 6, Aspen Demo Team, Beaver Creek Men, Epic Chix, Northstar, Southern Synchro Skiers, Telluride Ghostriders, Team Beavo, Whistler and Gauchos.

And how are winners decided? Judges score based on technical precision, complexity of the figures performed, fluidity and symmetry of the turns, and of course, synchronicity of all skiers. Heads up, they also take into account the level of excitement of the crowd, so don’t forget to cheer for your favorite team!


By Carolina Vivo

Aspen Diva team member since 2014

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