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Alp-n-Rock Fall Fashion Favorites

Go ahead and run an appreciative hand across the elegant raised embroidery. Over the fine wool. And across the cozy duck down insulation that protects so cleverly against the Alpine chill. The essence is quality, workmanship, style. Before long, the eye is inevitably drawn to a message woven into the very garment itself. Swirled verse dances across each sleeve. “Never for money,” reads one. “Always for love,” the other.

Words to live by – and the motif for this season’s Alp-n-Rock collection. Savvy and practical in equal measure, Alp-n-Rock founder Susanne Reich credits her impeccable style and stylish inspirations to the bountiful Swiss mountains of her childhood, as well as the beauty of the wilderness and the sophistication of the resorts and cities she frequents.

To wear an Alp-n-Rock piece is to share in the beauty and the strength of the mountains. From the soft cowl neck shirt appliquéd with snowflakes — at home at the chicest apres ski party. To striking quilted coats whose plush faux fur cuffs and collar sing the soignée song of the French Alps. Always practical and perpetually fabulous, Susanne Reich has cultivated a brand that began as mountain lifestyle clothing and has expanded to include a full outerwear collection, a studio line and equestrian apparel.

Relaxed European style oozes confident outdoor spirit. Crafted into each piece is her passion for quality, for the environment, and for the outdoors. From wild ibex and tiny edelweiss, to snowflakes and race team crests, exacting details and precise stitching set Alp-n-Rock apart from the crowd as the go-to for those keen on rugged comfort laced with more than a dash of sexiness.

Feel even better about it in the knowledge that Alp-n-Rock donates a portion of profits to Room to Read to fund scholarships to girls in developing countries – a message you can proudly wear on your sleeve. Never for money, always for love.


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