Yniq Ski Goggles Product Review

Mark Tache former US Ski Team member and Pro Racer does a Yniq ski goggles product review for SNOW on Aspen Mountain at Aspen, Snowmass. Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Mark went on to become a member of the US Ski Team racing World Cup and then raced on the World Pro Ski Tour. So he knows a thing or two about goggles. “The peripheral vision of this Yniq ski goggle is far superior to any goggle I have ever tried.”

Ski goggles can make or break your ski day. There are a number of factors that are key. One is the quality of the lens the other is the design which is critical to see the terrain undulations and other skiers. Yniq was awarded the prestigious ISPO award in Munich for their peripheral vision technology. It has the broadest vision available on the ski goggle market.

Yniq’s Self Supporting Modular outriggers, that holds the strap, are made from MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) stainless steel and makes a robust and beautiful goggle. Due to these innovative outriggers, we have been able to incorporate three lenses in the goggle. Two small “windows” are located on each side of the goggle, between the outriggers.

Beyond the high tech features. Yniq is one of the most beautiful goggles you will ever find.




You deserve a pair of YNIQ Goggles!