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Whistler is one of those places in the ski world that is arresting. All it takes for a lifelong Whistler Love Affair is an introduction. The nightlife and dining off the mountain is matched by the terrain and atmosphere on it.

Whistler is a bucket-list destination for all diehard skiers. Be warned, however, you might never leave! We’re not alone in our infatuation with the British Columbian hotbed of big-mountain skiing, late-night reveling, and lifelong memory making. Some of the biggest names in the ski world call Whistler home. Every ski photographer worth their film (remember when photogs used “film”?) has spent time exploring Whistler nooks and crannies with a camera.

To commemorate this place that everyone loves, Whistler Tourism has unfurled an amazing campaign. Behind the Lens tells the stories of 10 different world-class photographers, and the one thing they all have in common: A love of Whistler. And, for the iPhone photographers out there who share our love for Whistler, and are snapping photos like crazy, but haven’t landed a photo on a magazine cover, the #WhistlerUnfiltered Instagram feed is your chance to join the conversation.

We’ll be highlighting a handful of the impactful stories from the Behind the Lens series. To start, Mattias Fredriksson shares a photographic retrospective entitled “A Whistler Love Affair.” How is Swedish-born photographer Mattias Fredriksson so deeply connected to Whistler? Over a decade ago, the magnetic pull of Whistler’s beauty and energy brought him across the Atlantic and into the small town’s clutches. “I first came here in 2001,” says Fredriksson “I’ve since been back 25 times, in both winter and summer.” To read the rest of Fredriksson story and to see his photos, CLICK HERE.