Valle Nevado – Chile

The highest visible peak of the Andes seen from Valle Nevado is El Plomo. The Incas called the peak “Apu“, or Guardian of the Valley, and they visited it regularly as the sacred site for ceremonial rituals. The famous Boy of El Plomo mummy was found here and now rests in the Natural History Museum of Chile.

Altitude: 17.814 feet
Level: Difficult
Days trekking: 3
Campgrounds : At Piedra Numerada and La Olla.



Located north of cerro El Plomo and next to cerro Altar, known for themagnificent glacier that falls from the top toward the Santuario de la Naturaleza de Yerba Loca, where trekking excursions begin up toward the peak.

Altitude: 16,108 feet
Level: Difficult
Days trekking: 3
Campgrounds: 2, the latter at 9,840 feet high.


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