By Kelly Allen

 We’ve all seen the flatform – the three-inch height boost that comes without the foot pain we’re so accustomed to. Whether you took part in the trend or not, there’s no escaping the domino effect of this shoe. Sandals have taken on a whole new aesthetic this season, one that, surprisingly, feels great. While the rest of the world struggles to accept that comfort is now in fashion, those of us who prefer high altitudes are already one step ahead of the game. Celine Flat Sandal   We’ve been wearing our Birkenstocks for years and are no strangers to the incredible fit they provide. Get ready for a serious update to this style – one that has always seemed a little anti-fashion.   Dubbed by Vogue as the “Ugly-Pretty” Sandal,  this style has been reinvented by top luxury brands in every way imaginable. From Céline to Marni, the updates are vast and daring. With fur, crystals, and other special embellishments, these sandals are no longer confined to outdoorsy activities. They can easily be transformed by your ensemble – be it flirty, edgy, or anywhere in between – and instantly they exude that effortless chic we work so hard to create. Not ready for such a statement sole? Don’t worry – brands such as Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu are offering lighter sandals that still achieve the same effect. If your Birkenstocks have been hiding in the depths of your closet, dig them out! Their 15 minutes of fame is now – make sure to ride out their stardom before cool weather is upon us.