Tordrillo Mountain Lodge – Alaskan Heli Ski Paradise

Located in the Alaska Range, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers guests a chance to experience the Alaskan Wilderness by spending a week at a their fabulous lodge just an hour float plane from Anchorage. The ski terrain is incomparable and appeals to a wide level of abilities. Strong intermediate skiers to big name legends like Travis Rice come year after year to ski and film with them. Their staff boasts some of the biggest names in the business and include Olympic Gold Medalist Tommy Moe, Mike Overcast, Greg Harms, and Lel Tone.


Upon arriving at the lodge, the lodge manager Bret Gilleland will take you under her wing, learn your favorite apres ski cocktail and make sure you get slotted in for a massage. Don’t let the fact that she looks like a super model fool you though, she has shot and skinned a grizzly bear all by herself!

The cuisine is every bit as good as the heli skiing and the kitchen is under the helm of Brendan Nolan who creates dishes that are distinctly Alaskan. He too takes the time to know each guest and their special favorites and creates menus around the tastes of the guests each week.

Finish your day heli ski day by soaking in the wood hot tub overlooking the frozen lake and have Bret bring you a glacier ice martini while you simmer. If you aren’t too tired from skiing hard all day this place also has every man toy out there to fill your spare time.

Book now for the experience of a lifetime where you are not just a “client” , but a member of the family. We’ve seen guests re booking their next trip within hours of arriving.

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