Goldbergh Ski Fashion

The Goldbergh ski fashion line is once again one of the best for this winter. SNOW received a special sneak peek into the upcoming 2018-2019 winter ski wear collection.

This 2018 Ski Wear – Goldbergh collection offers luxury sportswear for the active, yet fashionable woman. In winter, the collection has an emphasis on trendy ski wear, with matching casual items to complete the essential winter wardrobe. In Summer, the sportive look of the collection is perfect for both active or leisure time. The design mix of sport and fashion makes it equally interesting for both fashion- and sports retailers.

A new standard in luxury sports fashion: ‘The Goldbergh Standard’

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Goldbergh Ski Fashion


As a true lady, you want to look as stylish on your ski holiday as you do in everyday life. In the Vita ski jacket, you can thus enjoy all the more, because the fit is nicely feminine and looks good everywhere. The elastic belt emphasizes your silhouette and gives the jacket a sporty twist. And for your ski pass, there is a nicely concealed pocket in the seam of the sleeve. One elegant swipe and you’ll be navigating through the ski gates.



As a fashionista, this trendy ski jacket must be part of your ski wardrobe. Show yourself at any hotspot in this luxurious bomber design with real fur collar. The light metallic colours provide a feminine touch, while the closable pockets on the front make the ski jacket really tough. In addition, the star on the hood makes you easily recognizable. And your ski pass? Put it in the closable pocket on the sleeve, so you can easily navigate through the ski gates. For your other valuables, there is a closable inside pocket.

Goldbergh Fashion

Santina Baselayer

Do you love to ski with the stars? Then this cheerful and trendy ski pully with stars is definitely for you. With its streamlined fit, the ski pully looks feminine & elegant. Thanks to the quick dry material, moisture is quickly wicked away, ensuring that you stay fresh and dry all day. A lovely extra layer which protects you from all types of weather. Want to catch some sun during the day? Unzip the sturdy long zip and let in the sun!

Goldbergh Catsuit



Wow, with the Flame ski suit you go downhill in style! Once at the bottom at the after party, all the looks will be focused on you. Furthermore, this ski suit has everything you need: a perfect fit with ample freedom of movement thanks to the elastic fabric. In addition, there are many details that give the suit a sporty look. For instance, the four contrasting zip fasteners on the front are tough and the zip is asymmetrical. The sleeves of mixed materials are partly quilted and the zip fasteners are finished in imitation leather. For your ski pass, there is a nicely concealed pocket in the seam of the sleeve. Want to sunbathe a bit during lunch? Unzip the collar and let that sun shine. Flame is a ski suit for the true daring fashion lover!

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