Ski Pros & Students Communicate On-hill in a Whole New Way

The award-winning CEECOACH® hands-free device developed by peiker,  helps ski instructors communicate privately, quickly, and easily with their students. And when learning to ski, communication is key.

Based on Bluetooth technology, CEECOACH® is innovative technology enabling uninterrupted radio communication between coach and student at a distance of up to 1600 feet. Ski pros can offer their students tips on where to turn, how to balance, and ways to manage terrain — think of it as a voice in your ear that can talk you through your turns.

CEECOACH® was developed by the Hesse-based automotive supplier peiker, a leading provider of components for state-of-the-art communication technology in automobiles. Launched late last year, the system quickly caught the eye of innovators, winning 2015’s prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Soon after, the international jury at the ISPO AWARDS chose CEECOACH® as a “Gold Winner” in the product category of ski accessories, tracking hardware & mobile devices.
Tested on-hill by the German Association of Ski Instructors (DSLV), CEECOACH® is earning a reputation as invaluable in one-on-one ski training as well as in group instruction. Due to its high audio quality, a ski pro’s instructions can be heard clearly even in the presence of interference and loud background noises. Plus, students can respond directly to their coach’s instructions. “This makes training even more effective,” says Jeroen Brinkman, peiker CEE’s Commercial Director. “Learning success can be improved substantially.”

Ski-instructor-with-student-on-downhillWith one moderator and up to five participants, the system’s Full-Duplex technology allows teacher and students to converse clearly and simultaneously — users report excellent speaking and sound quality, plus more reliable performance over standard radio systems. What’s more, CEECOACH®’s use of Bluetooth technology permits users to communicate over a distance of 1600 feet (1/3 mile) without use of a smartphone or mobile network.

CEECOACH®’s fast Plug & Play design gives it easy and intuitive operation. With just three buttons, the device is extremely simple to operate, even while wearing gloves. CEECOACH® comes with variable mountain options, its battery is durable and long lasting, and the system is resistant to splashes of water, dust, heat, and cold.

Another noted advantage: CEECOACH® can be connected quickly to a mobile phone with the assistance of Bluetooth technology — incoming calls can be answered with comfort and ease.

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