The Perfect Landing

Finding Spa Solace at “The Landing Lake Tahoe Resort and Spa”.

33The sky was a wash of pink as I pulled up to The Landing Lake Tahoe Resort and Spa. Enamored by my spectacular surroundings, I put off check-in to enjoy the show nature was featuring. I ordered a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc lakeside at Jimmy’s, The Landing’s Greek-inspired restaurant. My server suggested a pairing with Kataifi, one of Jimmy’s signature dishes—feta cheese wrapped in shredded phyllo, then drizzled with Greek Attiki honey. I sat until the sky grew dark and a tiny sliver of moon appeared. Finally, I checked in.

I was shown to a well-appointed room with special features—a rain shower, an oversized spa tub, a stone fireplace, in-room wine and Champagne. The most special feature, however, had to be the room’s lake views from the terrace. Heavenly the landing lake tahoe 1Mountain Resort and the region’s busy casinos are close, but the bustle of Tahoe’s south shore seemed miles away from this peaceful and secluded corner of California heaven. The following day, I slept late and ordered room service—hot coffee, bacon waffles—just so I could linger on the deck in my flannel pajamas. There aren’t many lakeside ski resorts in the world—that alone makes skiing Lake Tahoe a unique experience. The snow‑covered peaks that crown this great body of blue are truly breathtaking. Heavenly is one of the prettiest ski resorts in the west. The lake views demand that you stop often to capture its beauty at different angles, enjoying the play of light across the water. I skied for a few hours, then traded après for a visit to The Landing Spa—it was time for pampering. I donned a plush terry robe, made my way to the spa, and was met by a stunning Argentine named Anna. She greeted me with a glass of Champagne. See? I still got my après!

The Landing takes spa-ing very seriously. I needed time to digest a diverse menu—a plethora of creative offerings. I chose an olive oil and propolis body wrap, to be followed by the spa’s signature facial. I was intrigued by the use of propolis, remembering that when I taught skiing in New Zealand, propolis was used as a magical cure-all. I was wrapped in a cocoon while the lotions seeped into my skin—the experience was magical. The facial that followed was like nothing I’ve ever encountered, in part due to the products. The spa uses Eminence Organic Skin Care lotions from Hungary. The Bamboo Firming Fluid for the face smells like a walk in the forest on a damp fall day—it leaves your skin tight and glowing. Because it is Biodynamic and formulated with fresh, non-chemical ingredients, the experience was transformative.

444Transformed, I padded my way back to my room and resumed my seat on the terrace, the sun once again bathing the sky in a rosy pink. I watched as it took one final dip in Lake Tahoe. It had been a lovely day, I thought. Jetting about, skiing and staying at five-star properties in fabulous surroundings are the things we live for at SNOW. Making the perfect landing is everything.