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Sunscreen application is one of the most important things you can do in the mountains. Annabelle Bond, featured, has completed the Seven Summits, among other things, and knows a thing or two about sunscreen. The high altitude sun can do years of damage in just one burn. Gone are the days of getting a “goggle tan” so people would know you went skiing. I like to have a tube of sunscreen in the pocket of every jacket, fleece, sweatshirt, and handbag so that I’m never caught out. The last time I went to find a tube of sunscreen  in my handbag, the lid had come off and it was oozing all over my fabulous leather bag. That is the last time that will happen to me because Adventuress makes “on the go” one time application packages.  When you are on the go and can’t wash your hands, you end up with sunscreen everywhere, including your mouth. Now, you peel open the pouch, stick your finger in the pocket of the swipe and rub just the perfect amount of sunscreen on your face without getting anything on your hands. And you thought swiping was just for i phone! Swipe and re swipe every two hours. Available online via
Adventuress Sun Screen